In the course of our initial consultation we will ask questions about how you currently use technology in your daily life and what your goals are for your project. We will then present options and ideas that we feel will complement your technology lifestyle and project requirements.  Our extensive experience with cutting edge tech and integrated systems will aid in deciding which products to use. After the initial consultation our experienced team plans out an initial budget followed by the wiring infrastructure, hardware locations and power management. Careful consideration is given to blending equipment with architectural elements and interior design.  We will collaborate with your architect, builder, interior designer and sub-contractors to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Once a proposal is agreed upon we will be ready to install the infrastructure such as the low voltage wiring, boxes / brackets and enclosures. Prior to moving into your new home we will purchase all necessary equipment.  We will simultaneously work on installing equipment at your home such as cameras, speakers, control stations, Wifi access points and other trim components. Assembly of your rack of equipment will take place in our production facility where it is carefully programmed, tested and documented prior to delivery to your home. After installation we customize the system controls to your specifications.  At the completion of the project we give you detailed in person training to make sure you can comfortably operate the new system.


Great service begins with the start of your project and continues long after your project is completed. We are committed to providing our clients with unmatched customer service.  We do this by being consistent and reliable. We provide a dedicated team of individuals to exclusively focus on our clients service needs. Our team has the skills and training to keep your technology in top operating condition. In an environment of rapid advancement including multiple variables which impact performance, system updates and preventative maintenance are essential to the continued enjoyment of your technology.  As such, preventative maintenance plans and annual service plans are available and recommended.

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