Contact us for a Maintenance Plan that is tailored to meet your needs. 

HTE Innovations offers quarterly maintenance visits. One of the key maintenance activities is to perform firmware and/or OS (operating system) updates for your equipment. While our visits are not limited to updates, these are the most important parts of the visit.

What exactly is firmware or an OS? Firmware and OS refers to the program inside of an electronics component that defines what it does, how it works, when it works, and how it connects or talks to other devices. This program runs in the background and will impact the performance of the electronics component and defines its features. In addition to performance, firmware plays an important role in the security of the electronics component.

Why does the firmware and OS need to be updated? First and foremost, updates are important for performance improvements and feature additions. Secondly, but as important, updates help to ensure the security of your home and your personal information as well as the security of regional and global internet connected services. Good examples are security cameras and any remotely accessible features to your system such as garage doors, WiFi locks, WiFi access points, Wireless printers and any other IoT type devices. Essentially anything that is exposed to the internet has the potential to be exploited by a hacker. As such these hardware devices need to be updated regularly as firmware updates become available from the manufacturer.

We recommend that on a quarterly basis we visit your home to perform updates and retest your systems.

What else will we do when we visit:

  • Wipe down the lens of security cameras
  • Test your music system, music sources, airplay
  • Test your TV’s
  • Test internet speed
  • Test WiFi speed
  • Check batteries in remotes and thermostats
  • Verify your ability to connect to and use the systems that are installed
We also offer a Premier Service Contract that includes
  • Four quarterly maintenance service visits per year as described above
  • No charge for labor for non-emergency service visits
  • 4 hour phone response time on nights, weekends and holidays
  • Equipment replacement cost – 15% discount
  • Upgrade equipment discount – 10% discount
  • Programming Changes – no charge for changes to implemented functions such as shortcuts, timers, notifications, button functionality text/naming convention, etc. HTE programmer has final discretion on what is included or not included and will advise client prior to implementation.